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We help you navigate the confusing world of health benefits to find the best plan.

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…making health insurance plans easier for small businesses and their employees

…provides employees with an allowance to purchase benefits

Kyndly Benefits is on a mission to make health insurance accessible to everyone.

Interactive health plan enrollment and decision support for individuals

Kynd Choice

Navigating the health insurance marketplace is complicated and confusing. Most people are overwhelmed with the number of choices and fearful of making a mistake. Many people avoid it completely, even though they are eligible for a no-cost health plan. Kynd Choice is a simple experience that guides you to the best health plan option. Infused with a healthy dose of kindness and human touch.

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The affordable alternative to group health insurance for your business

Kynd Choice for Business

You can afford to provide your employees access to high quality health benefits. We offer an alternative to expensive group health insurance by leveraging the individual market and federal tax subsidies. Your company pays a low monthly fee to provide the service, your employees get coverage, and you get the credit.

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Who says health insurance has to be scary? There's a kynder way.

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Superb! This is what comes to mind when I think about the quality of care I received from Kyndly. They were responsive and listened to my needs.

I’ve always been confused about health insurance. Kyndly helped me understand my options and for the first time I actually have coverage.

Kyndly is on a mission to simplify the process and lower the cost of health benefits for everyone.

Navigating the world of health insurance can be daunting. This can be especially true for gig economy workers, essential workers, and those who are losing Medicaid coverage. With the abundance of choices and fear of making a mistake, many people avoid the process of obtaining health insurance altogether. But free health insurance is available to those who are eligible, and Kyndly Benefits aims to help guide you through the process.

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