Formerly Known as Arrow Health

A change in name. Not in mission.

We launched Kyndly Benefits in 2022 originally as Arrow Health – a name that embodied direct and straightforward support. While those remain hallmarks of our experience, we’ve rebranded as Kyndly Benefits to reflect empathy and kindness being at the heart of what we do. By changing our name, we are doubling down on our commitment to provide exceptional support to people and their unique needs.

Business First Story


Waleed Bahouth

Waleed has spent the last 17 years in healthcare trying to fix broken things. He and Erik founded Kyndly in 2022 to help everyone access affordable health benefits. In prior roles he led business development for Handle Global where he formed new strategic partnerships with Google and Medtronic. In 15 years of progressive leadership at Humana he oversaw various functions including the transformation office. Before that, he made bourbon. He has a law degree from the Brandeis School of Law and a BA in Economics from Trinity University. He loves playing tennis, watching the 49ers and cooking Middle Eastern food.


Erik Anderson

Erik is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the health insurance industry. He holds an MBA from Vanderbilt University with specialties in healthcare, finance and operations. His areas of expertise include strategic planning, business development, operations management, and financial analysis. Most recently, Erik led employee benefits at Humana, a leading health insurance company, overseeing a $1 billion benefit portfolio. In this role, he was responsible for the development and management of the company's employee benefits programs, including healthcare, retirement, and wellness benefits. In his free time, Erik enjoys traveling to new places, immersing himself in different cultures, and creating lasting memories with loved ones. He also enjoys playing golf whenever he can find the time.

Our Advisors

Tod Zacharias

Tod is a retired health insurance executive with extensive leadership experience in the individual and small business markets as well as financial planning and risk management. Tod retired in 2022 from Humana after 30+ years in leadership roles that included line of business P&L accountability, strategic planning, financial management and analysis, product development and pricing, operations management and product distribution.

He continues to have an interest in promoting quality, cost effective and sustainable health and ancillary coverage alternatives for US consumers. Tod has an undergraduate degree in Accounting from UW-Oshkosh. In his free time he enjoys spending time with family and outdoors in nature (hiking, hunting, fishing and golfing).

Susan Olson

Susan enjoys applying her passion and talent to build new businesses and products using data, analytics, and platform technology. As CEO of Demeter Logistics, she built a 25-person company that commercially launched a software platform to transform trade and logistics. She also served as COO of EdjAnalytics, where she ran a machine learning-centric consultancy and developed new products. She spent twelve years at Genscape, operating businesses and building new product lines with seven figure revenues using remote sensing and other data to inform commodities market trading.

She has attained inventorship on six patents and received her Ph.D. in engineering from University of Notre Dame. Susan enjoys distance running, nature, and cheering on the Racing Louisville FC.